Time that best web development company Kolkata take to set-up a website
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How much time does the best web development company in Kolkata take to set-up a website?

Do you want to know how much time does it take to set-up a website? Well, setting–up a website in the proper way is very important as it impacts your audience to perceive your brand in the right manner. It creates a long-lasting impression on your visitors so that they remain on your page for a long period of time and get attracted to your business and become your customer. So, therefore, a good web design will always help you to keep your leads on your page. You should approach the best web development company in Kolkata as top companies in Kolkata provides good services at a convenient cost.

A well-designed and well-constructed website will always help you to create a bold and impressive impact on the mind of your prospective customers. Through an effective website you will also be able to nurture your business leads and a get a higher conversion rate.

Konnectix India is the best web development company in Kolkata which is all set to highlight your online presence by creating a great website for your company and establish a good hold on your target audience. Being in the league of the best website design company in Kolkata, Konnectix India implies a defined process of web design by keeping in mind all the important technical and creative aspects of creating a website.

So while designing a website the best web development company in Kolkata suppose to think about all the important factors about a website such as wireframes, code, and content management. It is a very noteworthy fact that nowadays a great web design is just not an integration of the social media button or even slick visuals. A great web designing company in Kolkata is all about creating an innovative website that is made in a process that aligns with a strategy that reaches out on a larger scale. So therefore a fluid Web design Process (infographic) will demonstrate you further to follow the Website Design Process for Client in the right way.

Best Web Development Company in Kolkata

A well designed and well-constructed website not only has a good aesthetic appeal but it also attracts visitors and helps them to understand the product, company, branding through a variety of indicators, visuals that can encompass a larger audience. It means that every element of your website needs to work to achieve a defined goal. To acquire a prolific place a web-designer should adopt a holistic approach toward the website design process. The process of Website Building should be done in such a way so that a website can be made in a systematic and a hassle-free manner. For an amazing result, the web designer and the developer should do extensive searches related to the website design process. In addition to all these, it can be said that it requires a certain period of time for the best web development company in Kolkata to set up a website as they need to keep several things into consideration.

So, therefore, the best website design company in Kolkata should follow a systematic website design process to make a website which will fulfil your business goal in the truest way. To complete a web development process within the right frame of time and that also in the proper way the process of website development needs to be followed religiously.

Process of Setting-Up a website

For an effective Website Design Process if you document your whole workflow in a systematically structured and defined Web Design Process PDF it will help you to brainstorm, conceptual thinking and sketching the right work process to get fruit full result. Steps which the best web development company in Kolkata follows are:

  1. Planning

A fully proven plan is very much needed to build a well-constructed website. Because sometimes things end up in the wrong place when features are overlooked and the situation gets complicated for miscommunication between the client and website builder. So a full proved plan will guide the website designer who doesn’t want to miss the project deadline and backtracking. Without a doubt maintain a proper guideline while designing a website is very much important as this will help you to work with your client properly. Whether you are a business owner or employee of an organization doing a proper framework of planning before starting the work of a website will help you to do the groundwork of your website. A designer might need to make a Web-Design Process PDF so that the plan up can be done for the website in the right way. You are advised to approach the best web development company in Kolkata.

2. Set your purpose and goal

While designing a website you need to understand what the purpose of your website is. Several purposes can be served through a website. First, it can gain publicity for your business or it can sell your inventory or rally support behind a cause. It is also an important factor to identify your website’s purpose, as well as your target audience. You should also define your goals in terms of the number of visitors you can expect and the number of sales you expect per month. So, therefore, it is essential to set measurable and specific goals for your websites that are crucial to achieving your marketing goals. Google Analytics tool that will allow you to monitor your website’s performance over time. The best web development company in Kolkata would help you to make your work easier.

Best Web Development Company in Kolkata

3. Create Budget

Creating a proper budget before making the plan of a website is very important. Whether you are an established businessman or you have a mid-sized organization or a fledgeling start-up you should graph your budget to properly monitor your website expenses. This process includes funds for web-design, programming, and web hosting. So design a website at the right cost requires a lot of research on the market by shopping around and constituting with professionals. In terms of choosing team members, it is important to choose them based on their experience, insightfulness, and their work profiles. The proper knowledge of Steps in Designing a Website plays a key role in fixing the budget. The best web development company in Kolkata is budget-friendly.

4. Assign Role

Assigning roles to the company’s team members is an important task to do. It is very much essential that each member of the team such as web developer, content writer, editor, HTML/CSS professional, and web and graphic designer know their job role and they should also be well- aware of the fact that how much work is expected from them. Assigning roles to the company’s team members is an important task to do. It is very much essential that every member of the team such as web developer, content writer, editor, HTML/CSS professional, and web and graphic designer know their job role and they should also be well- aware of the fact that how much work is expected from them.

5. Create Content Strategy

The word content strategy means the development, planning, creation, delivery, and management of content. Good and credible content is immensely valuable for any website. Content set the standard for a website and delivers the right message into the hearts and minds of our customer. The prime reason for making a content strategy is to create meaningful, engaging, cohesive, and sustainable content that attracts the company’s target audience. Because the days of ‘just posting on social media are over. Nowadays the content of your website should be updated every 6 months. So making the content strategy rightfully is one of the principal embodiments of a marketing plan of a company. Today success of a business depends on what you publish online and how you are executing it. In today’s world of social environment, it is very crucial to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right point of time. So you need to decide first what kind of content you will be displaying on your website. A good content is anything that gives your visitor information such as

  • Blog Posts
  • Documents
  • Video
  • Pictures(such as in the gallery)
  • Slideshows
  • Embedded social media feeds(such as your stream of Facebook page updates)

The content strategy of your website should be done in such a way that you can plan to showcase your content over time. You should develop a blog strategy as well. So that you can publish a specific number of blogs within a month to get an increasing amount of traffic to your website. So to have quality and credible content on your website you need to hire a writer who is very much experienced with the writing for the web, and you should also invest to get some apt and enticing professional. Looking at pictures of your store font and employees on your website. The best web development company in Kolkata is very efficient in preparing content strategies.

Best Web Development Company in Kolkata

6. Creating a structure of your website

Starting a website is not a difficult task but increasing its visibility and improving the rank is the biggest challenge we face afterward. A website that is being loaded more than 3-sec results in a higher bouncing rate and that’s where the website’s structure lies. Creating a proper structure of your website will help you to understand the Steps in Designing a Website and the Steps in Web-Development. As we all know that a well-structured city enables its residents to roam around it most strategically by helping them to find their way. Such is the case with the website. A website is consists of various pages and posts and it needs to be categorized in an excellent website structure which will enable the user to navigate through all the content in a very easy manner. So deciding what are the pages you will be using is very important and it is also very essential to determine what features will be on each one of the pages. Most websites have an about us and contact page, but the pages you use should meet your business needs, but the pages you use should meet your business needs. This can be done in a fluid and interactive manner if you follow the Design Process Checklist in the right manner. Just like that, a concrete Web-Development Process Model should be made so that the Web Development Workflow can go smoothly and fluidly. The best web development company in Kolkata would make your website structure search engine friendly.

a. Create Mockup

Mocking –up a page is also known as a wireframe. It is very essential to outline your website with the initial design as the first draft. A mock-up usually created in photo-shop or fireworks so you don’t have to put too many details into your mock-up. Mock-up is all about giving everyone an idea of what the website will look like.

 If you don’t have a particular design program you can simply map it out with pen and paper and when you have a proper plan of what you’d like you can send it to a designer to create or to do so yourself. Prefer to choose the best web development company in Kolkata.

b. Project Charter

Making a project charter will help you to sum up the information that has been gathered and agreed upon at the previous point. These documents should be made concisely. The document should not be over technical and they serve as a reference throughout the project.

c. Site Map

Making site maps are very important. Gaining access to servers and build folder structure is very essential to obtain and validate includes FTP host, username and password; control panel log-in information, database configuration and framework, and languages that are currently installed. The best web development company in Kolkata can provide you with all the above-mentioned things.

Best Web Development Company in Kolkata

7. Process Of Web Design

The design stage typically involves moving the information that has been outlined in the planning stage further into reality. At the stage of design, the site structure and a visual representation are the most important documents that help to design the site effectively. After the completion of the design phase, the website should take shape. Now the apt content and special features need to be added on. There are multiple factors of a good website design that can lead to a successful online presence. There are various ways to look at the whole standing of your website as well. To design a website effectively the Website Design Process Checklist should be followed:

a. Wireframe and design elements planning

At these visual layouts of the website starts taking shape. The designing of the layout gets started at this stage using a wireframe as per as the information gathered from the client at the planning stage.

b. Review and approval cycle

When the client and the contractor are satisfied with the design, a cycle of reviewing, tweaking, and approving the mockups.

This stage is very important as this is the easiest time to make changes, not after the design has been coded.

c. Slice and Code 

Now its coding time. The final photoshopped mock-up needs to be sliced and the code of HTML and CSS needs to be written for the basic design. The J-Query and interactive elements come later. For the time being, you will get the visual together on screen and all the codes need to be validated before moving on further. Contact the best web development company in Kolkata to get a high-quality website.

Best Web Development Company in Kolkata

8. Steps in Web Development

A proper website development process is a documented outline of the steps that are needed to be taken from start to finish to complete a typical web design process. The development stage divides and categorizes the work and then breaks these high-level sections into tasks and resources that can be used as a road map for each project. The development of a website involves the bulk of the programming work as well as loading the content. As the full website takes shape at this stage code should be organized and commented and referred constantly to the planning details. In this particular stage, it is very important to take the strategic approach towards the development of the website by conducting constant testing to avoid future hassle. While developing a website the developer should follow the Web Development Process Model so that he or she can make justice to the Web Development Workflow Process. You have to look for the best web development company in Kolkata to these qualities in your website.

Build development framework

Building a development frame-work is necessary Ruby on Rails, an ASP/PHP framework, or a content management system. This is the proper time of implementation to get the basic engine up and run. So the process of this implementation is very important as this ensures the fact the servers can handle the installation and set up smoothly.

a. Code template for each page type

A website has several pages such as home page, general content, and blog post. All these pages can be based on templates. So for this specific purpose creating your templates is a good practice.

b. Develop and test special features and interactivity

In this specific stage the fancy elements come into action. The test of the special features interactivity should be taken care of before adding this static content because the website now provides a relatively clean and uncluttered workplace. Some developers like to get forms and validation up and running this stage as well.

Best Web Development Company in Kolkata

c. Fill with Content

The content that is provided by the client or writer is loaded in this part. This stage demand light typography and careful attention to detail on the pages.

d. Test and verify links and functionality

This stage is apt for reviewing the full website. The designer needs to work through every single page that you have created using the file manager as a guide. Each and everything from the home page to the submission, confirmation page need to be scrutinized to check whether anything has been missed visually or functionally. This stage is very important to ensure that everything is working under the order. Contact the best web development company in Kolkata to get these features on your website.

9. Website Launching Process

The most important part of a website design process is website launching. After testing and evaluating all the aspects of a website in a thorough manner it is the time to launch. This process does not go very easily as a lot of the elements need to be fixed. The process of web designing is fluid and ongoing and requires constant maintenance. The prime purpose of the launching phase of a website is for public viewing. This process requires a lot of final polishing of design elements, deep testing of interactivity and features, and most of all the user experience. In this stage, it is very important to move the website to its permanent web-server. Testing in the production environment is crucial because different servers can have different features and behaviours that are completely unexpected. Who can provide you with these in a better way than the best web development company in Kolkata?

a. Polishing

In particular, if you are not scrambling to meet the deadline polishing the website at the very last moment can make a big difference. In this part, you can identify those parts of the website that can be improved in small ways. After all, you want to be as proud of the website as the client is.

Web Development Company in Kolkata

b. Transfer to live server

 It is very important to transfer the website to a live server. In this very stage your last-minute review of the live website happens. It is very important that the client is well-aware of this stage and is sensitive enough to give timing if the website has already gained popularity.

c. Testing

The website should go through the final diagnostics using the available tools such as code validators, broken link checkers, website health checks, spell checker. Taking this step is very important if you want to make a website devoid of any flaw and you don’t want to hear complaints from the client and end-user.

d. Final cross-browser check

It is very essential to check the website in multiple browsers for one last time as the code of the website can be valid but sometimes it does not sparkle with a crisp layout in IE6. Getting your website developed and designed by the best web development company in Kolkata can help you get these features.

10. Post-launch process

Business re-enters the picture when you take care of all of the little things that are related to properly closing a project. After launching a website successfully providing packaging source files and instruction for use and any required training occurs then. It is very important to leave the client well-informed and prepare yourself to give answers to any of their queries. You should not leave the project with a closed door and should commit to the client to convey the fact that you are available for future maintenance and are committed to giving ongoing support. At the post-launch stage, the maintenance charges should be established properly

This stage of post-launch process is very important as this can be perceived as one of the important embodiment which can be perceived as Web-Designing Process for Clients. These are provided by the best we development company in Kolkata

Best Web Development Company in Kolkata

a. Hands over the website to Client

To determine the success of a project the client satisfaction is a big factor. The client should achieve the desired business goal through the website. All the contractual obligations should meet properly as it is referred to in the project charter.

b. Providing Proper documentation and source files

You must provide proper documentation of the source file of the website that contains the information about the framework and the languages that have been used to make the website.

c. Project closing process and final documentation

You need to get the sign off on the last check provided with your contact information for further support and officially close the project. Maintaining a healthy relationship with the client to make sure everything is going smoothly is often appreciated. Your version of your web-designing process should be modified according to your client base and style of designing. The process of work can also differ like the project.

d. Get Your Website page titles, SEO and feature images sorted

Before starting to share your website with the rest of the world you should make sure your website pages titles and SEO description are very much in order. It is great to sort all of these easily if you use WordPress as a plugin. Secondly, you need to make sure that your website looks great when someone shares it. Every page should have an enticing and attractive “feature image” attached to it. Make sure all of these things have been done on each page. These are the special services provided by with the best web development company in Kolkata.

e. Write your website launch story

You need to pitch the people the story of your website to have an impactful impression of your online presence over the masses. There should be three-part in your story:

i. A headline – You can use a meaningful and authentic headline for writing about your website. The headline should be catchy, unique, and useful so that the audience gets interested in your website.

ii. A short story – You need to provide a well-constructed paragraph that solely talks about the key factors and USP about your website and most importantly why you have come up with the website.

iii. Key details – Your story of the website should contain all the details such as the important name, address, location, and the website address. It is always good to link back to a profile such as your Twitter account. The best web development company in Kolkata can help you with this.

Best Web Development Company in Kolkata
  • Create your website key visuals
    • To accompany the story of your website you need to create 1or 2 key visuals. These images are those that will be used when people write about your website.
    • Key visuals are important for social media and blog posts.
  • h. Creation of Press page

A press page is a simple page on your website where someone can read your website story by downloading key visuals. You should make sure your press page features are in high quality and the images in it can be easily downloaded.

i. Find Your Blogger and website editors

It is time to find your bloggers and website editors. You should have a reasonable knowledge of which you can reach out to bloggers and influencers. Contact the best web development company in Kolkata!



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